Large format advertising in
concentrated locations

Select from the following to find out more about reaching customers outside of the home.

For maximum brand exposure, 48 and 96 sheet outdoor advertising can be used to target the main arterial routes into Asda stores. They are ideal for high-impact creative messaging. For example, a campaign including 400x48 sheet panels would reach 15.2 million adults and 63.5 million contacts over a two-week campaign.

48/96 Sheets

One of the fastest and most efficient ways of building brand or product visibility across the UK is using bus shelters in town centres. You can deliver to a younger, active and more mobile audience. For example, a campaign of 600x6 sheet panels would reach 30.7% of the UK population.

Roadside 6 sheets

For those larger campaigns, bus advertising offers mass coverage for your brand and targets the high street audience. You can book as part of an outdoor media package or as a bespoke media channel, depending on your marketing requirements.

Streettalk & buses

Radio allows your brand to be connected with the masses, through national, regional or local audiences. With 64% of all UK adults tuning in, you can choose the demographic to best fit your campaign. Because radio is a personal medium, consumers build close relationships with their favourite station and trust the messages that it delivers.

Commercial radio

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