Communicate value messages to a
targeted or mass audience at home

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Communicate your brand message through the most widely read monthly title in the UK. Good Living Magazine inspires and engages 4.8 million readers a month with quality-led lifestyle editorial, covering everything from food, health and beauty, home, entertainment and fashion. Research has shown that 87% of readers say that display adverts in the magazine encouraged them to buy the advertised product.

Good Living Magazine

Engage directly with Asda customers through supplements that can be inserted in the Good Living Magazine, handed out in-store, inserted into national/regional/free press and delivered through targeted door drops. Supplements are proven to enhance customer awareness and knowledge of product ranges, resulting in increased spend in-store and online.


For regional or national coverage, we offer opportunities to reach a mass or targeted audience via magazines, national and local titles. A full press advertising campaign could reach a third of the UK population. Quality titles can also be targeted to avoid wastage.


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