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Deli Pizza
The display activity helped us to reach over 1.7m unique users and over 2.6m views

Asda’s fresh team created a new Own-Brand Deli Pizza range featuring the mighty Meatball Marinara pizza. This product was completely new to Asda and so the team wanted to use innovative new strategies to promote it within Asda’s loyal customer base and beyond.

They wanted us to create a fun ad to inspire Asda customers to try something new. We felt the key to engagement would be to create something interactive to attract and engage the target demographic of young, single fast food lovers.


We decided that we wanted a slice of the hugely successful mobile and tablet games market to reach our target audience, so we created a fun and interactive game concept.
The game delivered a highly interactive full screen experience across mobile and tablet, focussing around the meatball element of the pizza by encouraging users to ‘Tap as many meatballs as you can in 10 seconds’.
The final frame displayed photography of the new meatball pizza, a price point and ‘Shop Now’ functionality, driving users in to the Asda Grocery site to encourage purchase. We also ran display ad activity alongside the game to drive maximum reach and engagement with the campaign.


The game exceeded delivery expectations across the board with an 11.05% engagement rate and a 25% re-engagment rate, meaning a quarter of the players went on to play the game again. The display activity helped us to reach over 1.7m unique users and over 2.6m views, fulfilling its purpose of being a cost effect reach drive and helping to make the campaign a huge success.