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Back to School
The 'snacking mealtime' campaign achieved a +46% sales uplift

To drive inspiration and value on all back-to-school products.


A range of in-store media elements including Car Park Banner, Digital6 Sheets Foyer Poster, Trolley Bays, POS. This was to ensure products were at the forefront of customers, minds at in store and at point of purchase.

GHS banners used across homepage, category and department levels of the site to showcase range at different points of the online customer journey.


‘Snacking mealtime’ campaign achieved a +46% sales uplift compared to pre campaign, with an incremental sales uplift of +£618k.

Media spend within ‘snacking’ was £300k and campaign products generally were not price-led. Many products within the campaign would have benefi ted from seasonal uplifts. However, many media lines achieved fantastic YOY uplifts and accelerated their sales ranking within their respective PPG’s. Asda achieved a market overtrade within snacking cheese, fruit drinks & mini rolls. There was heavy media spend within the ‘snacking mealtime’ campaign within these areas.

76% (71% is average) of customers were made aware of the event from in-store media, therefore creating good awareness of the campaign.